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Extrutech 5/8" x 7 1/2" Trimboard, Item# B0750 is excellent as an exterior trim or base trim; is of an exterior grade, dense, engineered polymer, with a smooth flat surface on 4 sides; is UV stable and very easy to maintain. Cut to length with standard powered miter saw. Fasten to wood and masonry with trim screws and construction adhesive. Trimboards are available un-painted with a smooth bright finish or pre-primed in white or beige; ready for an acrylic latex based paint if needed. Trimboards are available in 8',10',16' and 20' lengths. Weight of 1.85 lbs per foot.
Unit of Measure



N/A Engineered Polymer


N/A 5/8 Inch


N/A 7.5 Inch

Available Lengths

N/A 10 ft16 ft20 ft8 ft
Color1 N/A Beige White


N/A ASTM D3273 ASTM D3274
  • 1 A 20% charge will be added for custom cuts, and /or colors. Volume discounts are available.