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  • Rigid Brickmould

    Extrutech Rigid Door Frame for utility doors is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, rigid engineered polymer, with a smooth surface of a weather strip exterior door frame profile, is available 3", 4 1/2" and 6 1/2" wide x 3/4" thick. Cut with standard power saws. Assemble with #8 x 1 3/4" pan head screws, available in 7’, 14' and 18' foot lengths, with a weight of 0.75 lbs per foot. Can be ordered as stick lengths or 3 sided frame sets ready for assembly with weather stripping and steel reinforced hinge side.

  • EPI Door Jambs

    • Full line of solid engineered polymer Door Jamb products
    • Integrated aluminum nailing fin system - patented
    • Both 4-9/16" and 6-9/16" jambs
    • Available as stock lengths or machined to your specifications
    • Full range of machining and painting capabilities
    • Hard skin