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  • Extrutech 3 1/2 Inch Wide Trimboard

    Extrutech Trimboards are available in 9 different sizes and different thickness's, each with a solid, dense, engineered polymer structure much like wood, and a hard skin for excellent impact and durability. Can be fasten with trim screws and used as a house trim to finish around windows, doors, corners and base boards, or for special outdoor projects.

  • 1 x 6 Inch Wide Fence Rail

    Extrutech Fence Rail, click on the listed item for details on this exterior trim for, fence rails, safety barriers, planter box sides; of an exterior grade, rigid hollow pvc, with a smooth flat surface on four sides; UV stable and very easy to maintain. Cut to length with standard powered miter saw. Fasten to wood and masonry with screws and construction adhesive. Fence Rails are available un-painted with a smooth bright finish in white are available in 8',10',16' and 20' lengths. Weight of 0.75 lbs per foot.