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Wall & Ceiling PVC Panels & Trims


1/2" Tongue & Groove Hollow Panels

  (8 items)

1/2" Tongue & Groove Hollow Panel Trims

  (12 items)

Wall & Ceiling PVC Panels & Trims


Wall Structures – EPI9000 Wall Panel


Partition Wall Panel - EPI9000 36" x 1 3/4" Wall Panel

  (4 items)

Partition Wall Panel Trims - EPI9000 36" x 1 3/4" Wall Panel Trims

  (6 items)

Suspended Ceilings



All Weather Single PVC Doors

  (4 items)

All Weather Double PVC Doors

  (4 items)

Door Jambs


Rigid Hollow Door Frames


3" Wide Rigid Door Frame

  (5 items)

Rigid Holllow Door Frame Parts

  (8 items)

Door Jambs


EPI Door Jambs

  (7 items)



Trimboards & Fence Rails


Extrutech Trimboards

  (9 items)

Fence Rail

  (3 items)

Mouldings & Vacuum Tubing


PVC Moulding

  (8 items)

PVC Tubing


Garage Door Stop

Clean Rooms, Enclosure Modules, Partition Walls, Sheds and Hunting Blinds


Clean Rooms, Equipment Enclosure Modules


Demountable PVC Wall System

  (5 items)

All Weather Maintennance Free Storage Sheds


All Season Hunting Blinds

Die Tooling

Wood Grain Extrusions

Extrutech Plastics, Inc. Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
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