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Clean Rooms, Enclosure Modules, and Partition Walls

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Clean Room 1A

Clean Rooms, Equipment Enclosure Modules

Clean Rooms and Enclosure Modules produced at Extrutech are constructed using the TW-Wall System a 1 3/4" thick x 36" wide interlocking wall panel made of  rigid virigin polymers, with a smooth surface on both sides which can be insulated and cut to your required lengths. It's ease of assemble and disassemble make it very suitable for rooms that can be moved and reused at different locations as needed. Product Video

Demountable PVC Wall System

This corrosion proof wall panel system is a new construction product that allows you the flexibility to construct permanent or temporary interior walls faster, easier and safer; for use in room divider applications of large food process areas, equipment room and product testing enclosures, as partition walls for mist reduction for the car wash industry, or as Animal enclosures for the Dairy, Agricultural and Pet Industries; where ever easy to clean smooth bright white interior partition walls are required. Clean rooms, Laboratories, Office areas, Food Processing, Agricultural Facilities, Car Washes, and Dairies

EPI’s 36” x 1 ¾” EPI9000 multi-chamber interlocking wall panel is designed for use in all ...
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