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  • P1300 Flat Panel

    Extrutech Interlocking Liner Panels and Trims for walls and ceilings are ideal for high moisture areas. These engineered panels have a glossy, bright white, non-porous surface that quickly sheds water. Was the first and is the only plastic interlocking panel of this design made in the U.S.A. with a 100% virgin exterior-grade polymer. These wall & ceiling panels have a tongue-and-groove design, with a nailing fin along one side that makes installation quick and easy, with no exposed fasteners. All of the Extrutech liner panels are cut to one inch of customers requested length, up to 20 feet long. The P1300 Liner Panel is 12" wide and P1600 Liner Panel is 16" wide, both are used as a ceiling or wall panel. The P2400 PLiner anel is 24" wide for use as a engineered polymer wall panel. Extrutech Panels P1300, P1600 and P2400 are the only engineered panels of this type with a Class A smoke and flame rating in the U.S.A. meeting ASTM E84 ratings. Have been USDA and CFIA approved. Are easy to clean, durable, never need paint and will not rot or rust. 

    Extrutech White Liner Panels have a TWENTY Year Limited Warranty, are 100% recyclable, do not support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and D3274. CSI- Master Format # 06600 (06 64 00). Are perfect for wet environments where sanitation and cleanliness are critical. Available colored panels should be used for interiors only.
    (Extrutech Wall & Ceiling Liner Panels and Trim Options) to learn more about these products.

  • Suspended Ceiling Panels

    Extrutech's suspended ceiling panels with a fiberglass grid system offer a new construction/retrofit product that allows you the flexibility to construct ceilings faster, easier and safer. Perfect for high moisture areas, these non-porous light-weight panels are low maintenance, easy to clean and brighten the interior of any building, with it's glossy, smooth, bright white surface. Extrutech Suspended Ceiling Panels CP2400 are available 2 feet wide and lengths of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet, have a C TWENTY Year Limited Warranty, Class A E-84 rating for smoke and flame, and ICC ESR-4583 Listing. For use wherever interior suspended ceilings are required. Clean rooms, Food Processing, Bottling Plants, Agricultural and Manufacturing Facilities, Dairies, Indoor Swimming Pools. (CP2400 -Specifications),(Additional Information),( Video - CP2400 Ceiling Panels)

  • P624 FORM Panel

    Extrutech FORM System is a "stay-in-place" concrete form for poured structural walls. Is a quick setup, pre-cut system, that provides a smooth, non-pourous, easy-to-clean, finished concrete structural wall. Ideal for high moisture areas were sanitation is critical; making the Extrutech FORM system a labor saver for both the contractor and the owner. This durable, long lasting system is designed for ease of construction, sanitation and maintenance. Is made up of snap together, two foot wide panels, with cut to the inch lengths, that makes for quick installation. This concrete wall FORM system offers a non-porous, prefinished, bright white surface on both sides, reducing finishing and installation time while providing an easy to clean sanitary solid structural wall.

  • P224 2 1/4 x 24 Inch Wide Partition Wall Panels

    The Extrutech P224 Partition Wall Panel is a rigid 2 1/4" thick by 24" wide smooth wall panel with a bright glossy surface on both sides that provides that fresh clean appearance. This is waterproof, will never rust, rot corrode or fade. The panel is easy to clean and ideal for corrosive or high moisture areas where daily sanitation is critical, and can also be used for general moisture or dust control, and used to limit area access reducing cross contamination.

    The P224 Partition Wall Panel allows numerous design options. A wall thickness of 2 1/4" which allows for an insulation option that provides a (R-10). Cut to the inch panel lengths or based on your requirements, with door and window cut-out options. This user friendly panel also allows for easy field cuts if needed and its tongue and groove design makes for quick installation.

  • Clean Room 1

    Clean Rooms, Enclosure Modules, Demountable Walls and Storage Sheds are produced using Extrutech's TW-Wall System a 1 3/4" thick x 36" wide interlocking wall panel made of rigid engineered polymers, and cut to required lengths, which allows you the flexibility to construct Partition Walls, Room Enclosures, Clean Rooms, for uses in Car Washes, Clean Rooms, Bottling, Food Process and storage shed applications. This corrosion proof wall panel system is a new construction product that allows you the flexibility to construct permanent or temporary interior walls faster, easier and safer.

  • All Weather Double Doors

    All Weather Doors are corrosion proof bright white smooth surface 1 3/4" thick engineered polymer door panels and solid polymer frames with a weather strip sealed edge, available as single and double doors in standard or custom sizes, as well as replacement door panels to fit existing frames for use in high moisture or corrosive areas that other types of doors just don’t last.

  • 4 9/16 Inch Foam Door Standard Jamb

    Choice from a variety of frame options and frame trims. Both 4 9/16" and 6 9/16" jambs available as stock lengths or finished frame sets machined to your specifications with high quality machining, 4 sided painting capabilities, and weather striping. Or select from our rigid frame with intergraded trim options. With widths of 3", 4 1/2", and 6 1/2", available in stock lengths or finished frame sets with welded corners and weather striping.

  • Extrutech 3 1/2 Inch Wide Trimboard

    Extrutech Trimboards are available in 9 different sizes and different thickness's, each with a solid, dense, closed cell engineered polymer structure much like wood, and a hard skin for excellent impact and durability. Can be fasten with trim screws and used to finished around windows or doors and base boards or as house fascia trim.

  • Brickmoulding

    Extrutech provides trims for door stops, Colonial Casing, Window Sill, Chair Rail. and Brickmould with a solid, engineered polymer structure much like wood, and a hard skin of excellent durability, check product specs for color and available lengths. For central Vacuum systems Extrutech provides a industry standard 2" engineered polymer tubing in two colors and standard lengths with line printing of customers info available.

  • Die Tooling

    Because the tooling is the key to obtaining high quality profiles, Extrutech has tooling manufactured to precise specification for its customers. Our extrusion toolmakers are the finest in the world, with over 40 years or experience in the production of high quality dies and calibrators for extrusion. They use only the finest metals in the manufacturing process to insure long tool life. Once completed and approved, the finished dies and calibrators become the sole property of the customer. This practice is unlike most extrusion shops where the customer is only paying for a hole in the steel and does not own the finished tool.