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Extrutech 1 3/4" Flat Edge Cap, Item # EPI0300, is a 1 3/4" wide dovetailed edge trim option that provides a finished, flat, smooth, face for the 1 3/4" side of the EPI9000 wall panel. Is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, rigged pvc, with a smooth surface, with 0.050" wall thickness. Cut with standard power saw and a fine tooth blade. Fasten with appropriate trim screws or construction adhesive per installation instructions or industry standard. This product is non-painted in white, available at 2' increments from 4'- 16' foot lengths, with a weight of 0.15 lbs per foot.
Unit of Measure



N/A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Color1 N/A Beige Gray White

Available Lengths

N/A 10 ft12 ft14 ft16 ft4 ft6 ft8 ft


N/A Durable Lightweight Mildew Resistant Moisture Proof Never Needs Paint


N/A 10 y


N/A ASTM D3273 ASTM D3274

Facilities Served

N/A Agriculture Facilities Beverage Plants Car Washes Chemical Plants Dairies Food Processing
  • 1 A 20% charge will be added for custom cuts, and /or colors. Volume discounts are available.