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Extrutech 8' thick FORM panel is a "stay-in-place" form for concrete poured structural walls. Panels are 8" thick, by 24" wide, with cut to the inch lengths up to 20' feet long, or available pre-cut to project requirements for windows and doors; and shipped as a kit to your jobsite. Panels feature a smooth, glossy, non-porous, bright white surface on both sides, with strong honeycomb interior walls designed to provide maximum panel stability. Panel edges lock together with a overlapping joint and use a double spline locking system, that allows each new panel to be tipped into the previous installed panel, without having to lift panels over each other. This concrete wall system offers a pre-finished, bright white surface on both sides, reducing finishing and installation time while providing an easy-to-clean snaitary solid structural wall. The 8" panel also is available with 2" of insulation added to the inside of the panel, providing 6" of concrete with 2" of insulation in each panel as shown in the second photo image. For moe information on this system Contact one of sales people for details, pricing and options.  Specifications , Video Page , More Details .
Unit of Measure




N/A 8" Inch


N/A 24 Inch


N/A ASTM D3273 ASTM D3274

Panel Design

N/A Flat Glossy Interlocking


N/A 10 y


N/A 7.7 lb/ft


N/A Beige White

Available Lengths

N/A 4'Ft to 20'Ft ftCut to the Inch ft