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P2000 Spa PanelsThe P2000 Spa Panel offers a visual alterative from the larger beaded and flat panels. 6 inches wide and available in custom lengths, Spa panels create a classy looking, easy to clean wall or ceiling for corrosive or high moisture areas.
Unit of Measure



N/A Engineered Polymer


N/A 1/2 Inch


N/A 6 Inch


N/A 0.40 lb/ft


N/A 20 y

Panel Design

N/A Ribbed


N/A ASTM D3273 ASTM D3274
Color1 N/A Beige Gray White

Available Trim

Chair Rail


Inside Corner


Outside Corner

Available Lengths

N/A 4 Feet through 20 Feet - ftCut to the Inch

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A P2000 Spa Panel, with its matte surface, is made with 100% virgin, exterior-grade engineered polymer; is 6" wide by 1/2" thick, has a tongue-and-groove design with a nailing fin along one side that makes installation quick and easy, with no exposed fasteners. All panels are cut to the inch of the customers' requested length, available lengths from 3' to 20' feet. Cut with standard power saw, using a fine toothed blade. Fasten with #6 flat head screws 16" OC and construction adhesive per installation instructions. They are easy to clean, durable, never need paint and will not rot or rust, are 100% recyclable and do not support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and D3274. With a Twenty Year Limited Warranty.

Trims are available at 8' Ft., 10' Ft., 12' Ft., 14' Ft., 16' Ft. and 20' Ft. lengths.
  • 1 A 20% charge will be added for custom cuts, and /or colors. Volume discounts are available.