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Extrutech Plastics Two Part H-Bar Base, Item # P0241 for use as an expansion joint trim between panels -16' foot on center, as panel end connector trim or to allow for removal and reversing of panels. This item is made of an exterior grade, hard, dense, rigid polymer, with a smooth surface of a 3" face area and 1 1/8" coverage for each side. Is 9/16" x 3" wide, to cap 1/2" thick wall panels. Cut with standard power saw using a fine toothed blade. Fasten with truss head screws 24" OC and construction adhesive per installation instructions or industry standard. Non-painted in white, available at 2' increments from 8' - 16' foot lengths, with a weight of 0.15 lbs per foot. Need to use with Item # P0240 Two Part H-Bar Cap.
Unit of Measure



N/A Engineered Polymer
Color1 N/A White

Available Lengths

N/A 10 ft12 ft14 ft16 ft8 ft
  • 1 A 20% charge will be added for custom cuts, and /or colors. Volume discounts are available.