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Extrutech can provide solid nylon spacers to aid with installation of hardware or equipment to your walls. Spacers come in two sizes, 3/4" inch(item# 13RS075048) and 1" inch OD (Item# 38R50ZR9N). They aid in providing a solid spacer and transfer the weight of the hardware to the structure. The spacers are donut in shape and allow for bolting thru the panels, providing a solid surface that the hardware can be secured to.

Support Bolt or Fastener Size will determine size of spacer needed. For 3/16" bolts and smaller fasteners use the 3/4" OD Spacer (13RS075048), for larger hardware that need a 1/4"- 3/8" bolt use the 1" dia spacer (38R50ZR9N). Next spot the centers of your hole locations, and use a Forstner Bit 1" or 3/4" depending on size needed and drill required holes in panels as needed. Fit spacers in and use the spacer centers to spot your drill locations for the bolt holes into the structure.

Unit of Measure