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Mouldings & Vacuum Tubing

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PVC Moulding

Extrutech mouldings are long lasting, easy to install and require little maintenance. They include the following, Window Sill, Build-out, Cove Moulding, Brickmoulding, Colonial Casing, Chair Rail, Garage Door Stops,. All have a solid, closed cell foam structure that works much like wood, and a hard skin for excellent durability. ...

PVC Tubing

Extrutech Vacuum Tubing, Item # P0200, for central vacuum systems is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, rigged pvc, with a smooth surface of a standard 2” dia. profile, .with 070” wall thickness. Cut with standard power saws or hand saw. Fasten with pipe strapping, available in 10’ foot lengths, in white and gray, with a weight of .25 lbs per foot, and custom line printing also available on the side of tubing.

Garage Door Stop

Extrutech Garage Door Stop, Item # WM394, for use as a weather strip trim for garage doors or decorative trim, is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, foamed pvc, with a embossed surface of a standard trim profile. Is 1 7/8" by  7/16" thick. Cut with standard power saw using a fine tooth blade. Fasten with finish nails, trim screws and construction adhesive. Non-painted in white, beige, and brown; ready for an acrylic latex based paint, after cleaned and prepped; available in 7’-18’ foot ...
Extrutech Plastics, Inc. Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
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