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Mouldings & Vacuum Tubing

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Wainscoting or Wall Panel Chair Rail Trim

Trim Mouldings

Extrutech mouldings are long lasting, easy to install and require little maintenance. They include the following, Window Sill, Build-out, Cove Moulding, Brickmoulding, Colonial Casing, Chair Rail, Garage Door Stops,. All have a solid, engineered polymer structure that works much like wood, and a hard skin for excellent durability. Check product specs for color and available lengths. Click on Trim Moulding or review individual product information, click on underlined items.

Extrutech Central Vacuum Tubing

Extrutech Vacuum Tubing, Item # P0200, for central vacuum systems is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, rigged polymer, with a smooth surface of a standard 2" dia. profile, with 0.070" wall thickness. Cut with standard power saws or hand saw. Fasten with pipe strapping, available in 10' foot lengths, in white and grey, with a weight of 0.25 lbs per foot, and custom line printing also available on the side of tubing.
Garage Door Stop

Garage Door Stops

Extrutech Garage Door Stop, Item # WM394, for use as a weather strip trim for garage doors or decorative trim, is of an exterior grade, hard, dense, polymer, with a embossed surface of a standard trim profile. Is 1 7/8 by 7/16" thick. Cut with standard power saw using a fine tooth blade. Fasten with finish nails, trim screws and construction adhesive. Non-painted in white, beige, and brown; or ready for an acrylic latex based paint, after cleaned and prepped; available in 7'-18' foot lengths, with a weight of 0.4 lbs per foot. "
Extrutech Plastics, Inc. Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
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