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Wall & Ceiling PVC Panels & Trims

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1/2" Tongue & Groove Hollow Panels


These highly-reflective PVC panels are ideal for high-moisture areas because they are water-proof! Panels install quickly and easily, with no exposed fasteners. Available in widths of 12, 16 and 24-inches and cut to inch lengths from 4 to 20 feet, to fit your building. These PVC panels are stain-resistant, low- maintenance and easy to clean (when required). Use in self-serves, automatics and tunnels. Available colored panels should be used for interiors only.


1/2" Tongue & Groove Hollow Panel Trims


Extrutech Plastics provides a number of high quality panel trims that give your project a clean finished look. To view these trim options click on the photo or blue high-lighted text. Trims are available with a non-painted finish in 8’, 10’.12’, 14’, 16’ foot lengths, color matched to requested panels, Cut with standard power saw and a fine tooth blade. Fasten with appropriate trim or truss head screws and construction adhesive per installation instructions or industry standard.


Wall Structures – EPI9000 Wall Panel

Extrutech Plastics 36” x 1 3/4” Panel  Item# EPI9000  is a multi-chamber interlocking wall panel designed for use in all environments where a durable, moisture proof partition wall or enclosure is required. To view panel options click the photo or blue high-lighted text.  Just like our attractive wall and ceiling panels, we custom extrude these panels to your specifications – Cut to the inch from 4' to 20’ lengths, with no wasted materials, installed quickly and easily with our accompanying trims. The panel is divided into thirty-six 1” x 1 ¾” chambers. Each chamber runs the length of the panel with an external wall thickness of .070” and an internal wall thickness of .030”. In addition, the panels can be insulated and or reinforced for additional structure support. The EPI9000 panels have a Class C fire rated, See Product Specifications for more information.  Product Video

P224 Partition Wall Panel

Partition Wall Panel P224 - 2 1/4" x 24" Wide


The Extrutech P224 Partition Wall Panel is a rigid 2 1/4" thick by 24" wide, smooth wall panel; with a bright white, glossy surface on both sides that provides that fresh, clean appearance. This waterproof panel, will never rust, rot, corrode or fade. The panel is easy to clean and ideal for corrosive or high moisture areas where daily sanitation is critical, and can also be used for general moisture and dust control, or used to limit area access reducing cross contamination.

The P224 Partition Wall Panel allows numerous design options. A wall thicknes of 2 1/4" which allows for an insulation option that provides a (R-10). Cut to the inch panel lengths or based on your requirements, with door and window cut-out options. This ...

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